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You Need To Know This–Planning Your Day Has Great Value!

You’ve just awakened and are wondering how to spend your day.  How much or how little you get done today depends on what you have planned or for that matter planned for you.                                                                                                           

There is a certain luxury of waking up and not having any plans for the day it is something some people dream of and to an extent, would probably attempt to make it a reality as much as possible on weekends and during the holidays; however, is that an effective use of your time?  Here this! 

the most effective way to become a productive person is to not waste the day by having no goals or plans for it.”

Let explain using an economic example.  Most of us receive financial compensation.  Do we not plan or budget your monies to your specific areas. 

Financial planning is a necessary step that people take by keeping track of every dollar they spend so they can see where their money is going goes each week, month and years.   

With this information, people can plan where they can cut spending out of their budget and use that money to pay for unexpected bills or to save for when it’s needed, i.e. retirement.


The value of our economic plan is huge.  But taking it further, if we prize our time, in the same way, like our money,   we will become effective in our work and our home life.   We will have many tasks to juggle, but remember the quote above, “the most effective way to become a productive person is not to waste the day by having no goals or plans for it.”

 Get into the habit of planning your days! Nightly,  before you go to bed, make a mental note of the things you know you need to do and then create a plan of action. 

Of course, writing your plans down helps you keep track and you are less likely to forget them.    Multi-task (to perform two or more task simultaneously) where possible so you can achieve two or more things at once.

Include your time in your plan. You are important.  Take care of yourself!  Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of everyone else–achieve life balance.

Does this sound unnecessarily laborious?  Look at the benefits you gain!  There is nothing more satisfying than to come to the end of the day and see what was on the to-do list at the beginning of the day and see that list crossed–Planning Equals Accomplishment-PEA! 

When you create an ordered life you open the door for more freedom for you.   You will have more time for you and the ones that are closet to you.  It’s a win-win. 

For me, I am able to incorporate 30 minutes of exercise, whereas, without a plan, I invariably stated I have no time to exercise. 

And most of us know how valuable exercise in reducing stress and a healthier life.   Try it for a few days and watch your life skyrocket with accomplishments.  

Attention, Attention! You May Suffer From Creative Avoidance

My name is Mark and I suffer from creative avoidance. I expect that this condition began several years ago; gradual and stealthy in its onset!

You most likely will not find this condition noted in a medical dictionary that would list a grouping of sign and symptoms and treatments. On second thought, you may find this hinderance diagnosed another way–Fear!

Yes, fear. Fear in itself is healthy. I have read that fear is the greatest gift humans possess. It is all about the survival extinct. It is a response that causes a fight or flight reaction which in itself is natural.

Before I explain what creative avoidance, let us look at some benefits other than the survival aspect. Fear can keep you from making silly decisions where the potential of reward is negligible. Some examples would be cheating, picking a physical fight or breaking the law. OK!

So, what in the name of creativity is creative avoidance. Creative avoidance is the minds way of creatively keeping you from being creative.

And creative avoidance is the bane of every dreamer’s existence. The fear that it instills is paralyzing.

A common avoidant behavior and there are a few, but for me, it is PROCRASTINATING on a task indefinitely.

I always think or say “I’ll do it when I have time when the time is right when the lighting is right when the…..oh look at the squirrels.”

Defeating creative avoidance is getting out of your comfort zone–making the valiant move to get out of your own way. Get out and learn something new, something just slightly tough to develop a skill in a safe environment.

And for the ultimate challenge go into what is called the panic zone, this is where you try something above your competency level– thrilling.

You have chased, attempted and failed at so many things in life. And one more try seems more and more remote. The mind shifts into protection mode. People laughing at you, failing at something or being rejected are painful as hell.

And if it has happened too you over and over the mind will shift into protection mode to protect you from the pain–It is natural.

But you can overcome this and do not have to let creative avoidance keep you isolated from the success you desire. Be creative yourself. Fight creatively by finding ways to slowly expose yourself to areas that frighten you.

When you stand up to a bully, you are exhibiting courage. Stand up to the bully inside your head. Build your courage and strive for greater self-confidence.

Once you have these, your competence will increase, you will feel good about yourself and the success you desire begins to take off.

Be Something Braver

The title of this piece was taken from a song, “Dangerous, by Shinedown.  Briefly, it goes, “cause I still find inside something braver.”  But this is not about the awesome band.  This is about the awesome you.

How often in life do people shy away at striving towards their dreams, desires, and goals.  This is a question that has been asked millions of times the world over.   I ask it of my self often.

Because inside I know there are things I want out of life.  Let me state it another way.  The things I want from life are all mine, I just need to go and grab them, but I’m unsure, frightened, or have failed before, etc..

But each one of us who feels that way, should and must realize that inside of them should be something braver.  A determination and burning desire to reach any levels of success you want.

Life, a precious gift, should be utilized to the fullest.   We all have a purpose.  We all have gifts and talents that can be channeled towards a better, greater us.

Yet, why can’t some people get they can be a better version of who they are right now?   Why did I not get it for so long?  The answer, the single most important thing that keeps people from there dreams, goals and desires is their mindset, their thought process is often negative!

Consider this passage from Charles Haanel,  The Master Key System, “The attitude of the mind necessarily depends upon what we think!”

Does any of this sound familiar?  Probably; and yet, still some of us find it difficult to achieve our aspirations?   I think it boils down to one word and that is fear.

When,  we think fearfully, what things or who are we afraid of?  Silence!  Often we can’t answer that question.  The single most destructive thing that stagnates us, most have no answers for it.

And when we are silent, we are not addressing the issue.  There is a term, “thoughts are things.”  Fear is a thing.  A thing deal with diligently!   Be something braver.

Our minds have the ability to accept whatever we tell it, whether these things are real or imagined.  Consider this notion, if you have a fear of failing at something,  the mind takes a snapshot of what that failure may look like and makes sure that thought is your reality.

And it will continue that lifelong process for as long as you give it negative thoughts to process. Right now, there are many people struggling to get past negatives barriers, that are keeping them from the successes they desire.

If you are struggling, like I was, I can share with you information– how to get past your barriers.  Get past the creative avoidance that keeps you right at the point you are, right now.

I look forward to connecting with you and to invite you to a free webinar that precisely explains how to overcome barriers and capitalize on its knowledge.  Remember, your past does not equal or decide your future.  Be something braver!

“The visions you glorify in your mind,

The ideals you enthrone in your heart.

This you will build your life by.

This you will become.

—James Allen

Vision Of Success—A Road Map For Your Life

Success is more than economic gains. It is not about money nor is it about fame. Consider an ancient fable about a king that he turned to gold all that he touched and starved to death.

Or consider “The Sick Man Of The East,” he has much wealth and universal fame, but he is so afraid and is never a moment alone.

He will never taste a dish unless it has been already tried. And if sitting across from his friend, he will jump to his feet with a gun in hand if a friend makes a sudden move.

The success he does not have, but power and money he does. But what a way to live! Success should be enjoyed and not a curse.

Success is about mapping out all the aspects of your life. Similar to a map when embarking on a journey, you need to define the following details: origin, destination, vehicle, backpack, landmarks, and route.

#1 Who Are You

This is your starting point. Your origin is who you are right now. Most people, when asked to introduce themselves would say, “Hi, I’m Mark and I am a 50-year old, husband, father of 3, self-employed businessman. Not a real detailed description of who I am.

For people to gain insights about themselves, look closely at your beliefs, values, and principles aside from your economic, professional, cultural, and civil status.

Moreover, your experiences will give you insights on your good and not-so-good traits, skills, knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses.

Now upon introspection, I can state that I am highly motivated, believe we all have a divine purpose on this earth, generous, and service-oriented. I can be impatient and stubborn at times.

#2 Destination: A Vision Of Who You Want To Be

So, I ask you, Who do you want to be? This is your vision. Of course, before you can answer that question, Know Thyself. Knowing this gives you a clearer idea of who you want to be; and the things you want to change whether they are attitudes, habits, or points of view.

Adam Smith wrote in The Money Game, “The first thing you have to know is yourself. A man who knows himself can step outside himself and watch his own reactions like an observer.”

If you hardly know yourself, then the visions and targets for your future will also be unclear. Your destination should cover all the aspects of your being: the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

#3 Vehicle: Your Mission

To reach your destination let us employ adequate vehicles. How will you reach your mission in life? your goals? your vocation? Do you know enough about yourself to answers those questions? Remember, “know thyself!”

In my opinion, self-assessment is the key, the vehicle. There are many assessment tools on the market, but to get a better sense for my specific paths, the Team Tony Robbins or the Tony DISC Assessment help me and put my goals and mission into perspective.

As with assessment tools, there are many books helping to guide us. Although I have read many books, one, in particular, has been extremely beneficial for me.

That book is Marissa Peer’s Ultimate Confidence. Because I knew me! The fears and lack of confidence would hinder me forever unless I addressed them.

I am going to end right here. My next post will round out with about three more tips for a roadmap for success. I look forward to hearing your insights and comments.

Valuable Tips To Effectively Sell Online

How To Get Customers To Buy

When deciding to sell online, first we must figure out who your customers are? What do they often purchase?  And, what are they purchasing online?

The term that is often used to describe these fact finding questions is called “customer comprehension.”

The better you know your customers, the easier it will be to offer them your service(s) or product(s).

What Is Best Way To Increase Profits?

To be in business, your main goal is to turn a profit.   And your profit is directly related to how many customers are purchasing from you.

Unlike a brick and mortar business, selling online can be tricky.  As an online marketer, you do not want to immediately give people your company link and expect them to buy.

First off, you need to get to know who your prospective customers are.  If you do not connect and engage them, then you may have made assumptions that they want what you are offering.

Just because you believe a cleint needs your products, they have to want it.   Getting to know them first is always the best course of action.

Building relationships can get to the point they will want what you are promoting.  You’ll be more successful and it is a sure fire way to begin increasing profits.

The Customer Mindset?

As marketers, you want customers; but, we must be mindful of some things on what customers consider when shopping.

  1. Hardly any customer buys on first visit or contact of a service or product.
  2. It may take several visits to your website, newsletter, email or other online marketing links before a purchase is made.
  3. Important!  If someone doesn’t trust you, they won’t buy from you.
  4. The biggest reason customers but is to get something that will improve an existing situation in their life.
  5. Your prospective customer will research your service and product online.
  6. Hey! Don’t scam.  Most people are savvy enough to tell if youB.S.-ing them–And they hate it.

To effectively sell to your prospective customers, you must connect and engage with them.   Find out what their wants and needs are.

Don’t make assumptions you know what they want and for certain do not blast them with your links.   This idea was explained to me like this.

If you go to say McDonald’s and order a Big Mac Meal, the attendant should not take your order and then offer to sell you a McDonalds franchise with your order.

Get to know your customers.  Build Trust with them.  They will appreciate you more and will be likely to purchase from you.

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