Health and Wellness


Welcome to my page Health and Wellness.   I hope that this page can be of value to people just like me-people with health concerns.    I started this page knowing full well the damage I have caused to my body.  Not damage in a sense of complete ravage, but throughout the years, the up and down of exercise–gym memberships, work out equipment and gadgets, diets and overeating, I have reached a period of my life–a realization if you will that I am heading into my golden years an unhealthy and unhappy.

My Slogan

My slogan for my renewed sense of healthiness is stated with these 4 letters–T.O.F.M.  Tired Of Fucking Medications.

I do not want to be dependent on medications.  When I say dependent on, I mean taking medications as maintenance to help keep the body well.  For instance, blood pressure medicine to lower blood pressure when simply some exercise and healthier diet would probably be much more effective.


Then there’s the medication for borderline and crossing the threshold to diabetes.  Diabetes and high blood pressure work together to affect the body in so many negative ways.   Yet, again, diet and exercise would work wonders–“And you know this man!”


Under No Illusions

I will age.  How I age is important.  At this point,  with a new mindset, I can embark on a healthier and sensible diet–no more sodas, frequent to visits to fast food joints, etc, etc.  Also, couple that with a variety of the scope of exercises-walking, biking, jogging, aerobic weight training, etc.   




As the medications now and any future medication that I would be using (maintenance or control) or whatever terminology physicians use to give you a sense of hope, it has become clearer to me that the totality of my unhealthiness and the continue prescriptions of medications over the course towards the end of my life,  could make the end of my life come a bit quicker.

So T. O. F.M.  the goal for the rest of my life.

MarkAnthony Thomas