Limiting Beliefs–Get Unstuck

The definition for The Law of Attraction is the flow of energy between each person and the universe.   Positive thought and attitude pull positive energy from the universe.  Conversely, negative thoughts attract negative results.   

None of that matters for a person unless he or she understands themselves.   Moreover, a person must become a believer.  They must believe in themselves.  They must believe that which they want will occur.   Here are four things to know when wanting to attract the best situations for you.

#1 The most important is to get rid of your self-limiting beliefs and fears.   Don’t dream of your best life yet have doubt the dreams are possible.  

#2  Time, Time, Time is on your side.   With the law of attraction, one cannot expect overnight success. If you believe, do not wonder how something will occur, just believe that it will.  You may be suprised at how unexpecting things will happen.   

#3  Hokus Pocus, Abracadabra!   Life is magical!  But there are no silver bullets to the law of attraction.  Meaning, if someone promised you a magical rabbit foot or a hermatically sealed vile of Yeti urine claiming these will help you attract your dreams–it would be a scam and untrue.  There are an entire  body of knowledge available to help you on you journey. 

#4   Take action.  When we ask, beleive there must be things we should do in order to receive.  That something is to do.  Do the work be passionate and diligent in your pursuits.  When you have the attitude that I will acheive this or that, you are own you way towards greatness.

Hope these were helpful tips. 

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