You Are The Energy

You Are The Energy.  Within each of us is the energy that fuels us towards our goals and successes.   Energy, I believe cannot be destroyed only changed.  

But I also believe that a persons energy can be wasted.   Like heating a house on a cold night, if the windows are open the heat is wasted.  

Or on a personal note wasting energy on focusing unfavorable past events or preceived future outcomes.   

Consider these lyrics from a song, “In your head is the answer, let it guide you along.  Let your heart be the anchor and the beat of your song.”  

In the realm of the law of attraction, some liken the mind, our thoughts to energy.   Consider this, if you believe something bad will happen to you today, it most likely will, conversely, if you believe and expect to have a good day, you probably will.    

Life events bad or good depend not only on the energy that is used, but on a change in thinking–positive or negative. 

Within each of us, the energy we use appropriately or waste ultimately will reflect our surroundings.  Because how and what we think is what we’ll have in our life.   

 We Are The Energy.

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